Zavod Spetskhimproduct Production and sale of consumables and fire extinguishing equipment

Limited Liability Company "Factory of specialty chemicals" was established in 2005 as an industrial association specializing in the design and manufacturing on industrial scale of high-performance firefighting foam agents.

At present, our company is a part of the business group "Spetsproduct" which is the largest holding company in chemical industry. It provides the following services:

The main competitive advantages of our company:

High quality of work culture and products of LLC "Spetshimprodukt Plant" is supported by the Certificate of conformity with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) and Certificate of conformity with the requirements of World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the application of uniform international rules and standards for quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Among the regular customers of our company are divisions of Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, Ministry of Defense, the largest companies of oil and gas sector, fuel and energy facilities, numerous government agencies and commercial organizations.

A wide range of manufactured foam agents allows you to fully implement adequate measures for fire protection of a variety of objects, including providing direct and immediate impact on the defense and economic development of our country as well as neighboring countries.

Dynamism of LLC “Spetshimprodukt Plant” and its significant contribution to the strengthening of fire safety have been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and prizes of numerous special exhibitions and are reflected in the reviews of customers.

Our company is actively involved in the development of the practical proposals and recommendations to optimize the existing regulatory and legislative framework in the field of fire safety, and opened to constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.